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Brajesh Kumar Singh, the blogger who is a path maker and achiever

by NPT-Editorial

What is the secret of success? Is it money or something else? The answer is hard work patience and dedication. Does a man who belongs to a poor family, who has a lack of resources, financially unstable, can achieve success? Of course, yes if he focuses on his strengths, dreams and doesn’t mourn on the things which he doesn’t have. But works hard and always tries to increase his hunger of success with his hard work and determination.

Here, we can learn that family background doesn’t matter in the success of any successful human being.

The things which are necessary ingredients of success are your positivity, hard work, patience, and dedication.

And all these ingredients are in Brajesh Kumar Singh, who is a blogger and is an inspiration to the world that what an ordinary man with extraordinary efforts can achieve.

Mr. Brajesh Kumar who hails from Bihar has faced obstacles at different stages of his life but the deed which was common while facing all these obstacles was that he was never shattered and always with hard work overcame these obstacles and discovered his potential.

He comes from a lower-middle-class family in Chakrajali village of Bihar, where he completed his school and even though he was brilliant and scored good marks in his board exams, he didn’t make it into the IITs.

But he didn’t accept this as defeat and got admission to a good college of Kolkata by cracking the tough exam of WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam).

Brajesh has done marvelous work in the field of blogging. The field is still in the developing phase and is a risk for the blogging passionates therefore, Mr. Kumar chose to pen down his blogging experiences and revealed this field and his work in his book “Blogging-O-Pedia: A Quick Guide To Start Your Successful Career In Blogging” (available on Amazon). Mr. Brajesh Kumar tells us about his vision of being a successful writer and wants to educate the masses because he believes that Educating the aspirants should be the duty of well-established people in every field.

Currently, Brajesh Kumar Singh is working with Mercedes – Benz. His ability to deal with hardships and determination took him to achieve many awards like ‘PAT on the Back’; and ‘Star Award for Best Customer Delivery’ while working with Capgemini, his debut multinational job as an engineer. He also bagged the Global Young Leaders’ Fellowship and Karamveer Chakra awards.

Brajesh’s story teaches us that if you come from a poor family, your dreams, hard work and determination should be rich because money can’t purchase us these life-changing ingredients but if you have these ingredients, you can achieve and earn money.

A new youth icon from a lower-middle-class family with his aim and objective achieved his goal and is an inspiration to all the people from poor families who think that money is necessary to achieve the dream. Mr. Kumar proved this wrong and established a new phrase that the ingredients lead us to money

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