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Know more about raising rapper – Aryan Arora

by NPT-Editorial

Aryan Arora rapper , also known as Aryansh Arora is a teenager from Basti, Uttar Pradesh. He’s a newbie rapper and lyricist but he’s a decorated author. Aryan is from a city which is much business oriented that this city never gave respect to things like dancing, singing etc and what Aryan dream was, no one ever even heard of that but today He’s on his way achieving success but he always quotes, ” Starts are hard but unexpected”.

Aryan was well aware of the fact that if he goes to his mom dad and tells him about rapping and stuff he would have been highly neglected by them and by everyone. Surprisingly one of the very famous writers of old times, Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena sir belongs to his city so he decided that its better to come in the limelight of people than just asking for something so he started writing poetries and day by day he improved himself not in just poetry but also in his lyrics in rap . He continuously practiced , 2 hours a day to improve his flow and breath control. In 4 years he gained the confidence of his family, friends and his town and he decided to be back in the field which was his dream but it was also a bit of pickle.

Before for songs he used to go to different cities which were like 200-250 kilometres away from his city but because of covid-19 this came to an end and then he found a studio in his own city but it was not the appropriate one he wished for and moreover it was 5-6 kilometres away from his home, but this tough guy decided to go on anyhow. Aryan said, ” I won’t cry for what I am lacking of, but will use what I can”. The guys he’s working with right now are of his age and not professional in their work but Aryan says , ” you start, better to start with the one’s who just started”.

Right now this guy is on the track to make himself among one of the big names in industry. He has till now 7 songs uploaded on you tube and if you see , each song is better from the last one and right now he’s on a roll, all planned with 5 tracks to release in this and next month. Aryan is really a hard worker , working day and night for his dreams. Aryan said, ” I won’t sit here and cry that I can’t go outside, I will improve myself so that when everything’s fine, he’s gonna make himself shine like a diamond”.

His last track was a cover of Kun faya kun where he collaborated with Artistic Sam a.k.a Sameer Rizvi and he’s upcoming track is “Rangdaari” which is his original and in this you’ll see a new rising star , Rynznor a.k.a Sahil Rizvi here collaborating with him. His all the tracks are on you tube channel ARYAN ARORA and will soon be available on all music platforms.

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