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Pankaj Sharma tops the list of famous Indian YouTubers and Comedians.

by NPT-Editorial

Pankaj Sharma is a viral and avid Indian Youtuber who has adored more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Sharma Film Studio” in a short span of time.

Pankaj is known for his entertaining and witty videos. The channel reached 100K subscribers within months, which ultimately merited him a Golden button from YouTube. He has been entertaining the viewers with his unmatched sense of humour for a long time. His journey is no less than a dramatic Bollywood film. From a boy who hailed from a common Indian family from Jodhpur with his own struggles to the King of comedy. Pankaj’s rag to riches story is the best example of how dreams come true.

Pankaj Sharma has set an example that if you dare to dream, you sure have the power to fulfil them. Pankaj has proved that if you are equipped with high talent, then your hard work will certainly pave the roads to success.

Born and brought up in Jodhpur, Pankaj has done his schooling at Holy Spirit school. After which he went to Aishwarya college to complete his graduation with Bachelor of Science. While he was in college, he realized that he wants to make his career in comedy. He has always been a fun lad who makes everyone laugh and the atmosphere lighter. His friends always used to appreciate him for his hilarious and jolly nature. Being funny is a talent that only some people like Pankaj have got. He has made millions laugh with his content.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves,” says Comedian Pankaj Sharma. His self-belief and dedication made him pursue his dream and then began his ride to success. Hurdles kept coming but Pankaj faced them all like a strong pillar.

Pankaj Sharma is a storehouse of talent. His audience absolutely loves his hilarious content as his videos give them reason to laugh. That is why his videos get viral within seconds of him posting them. All the credits of his accomplishments go to his hard work, consistency, and his creative content. He is truly an inspiration for people who dares to dream.

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