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Breaking News: Major Progress on Women’s Reservation Bill

by NPT-Editorial
Breaking News: Major Progress on Women's Reservation Bill

Date: September 18, 2023

Author: Rajat Raj

In recent developments regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill, the Indian government is considering increasing the percentage of seats reserved for women in Parliament. Currently, about 33% of seats are allocated for women under the existing bill, but there are discussions about adding up to 180 more seats for women.

This significant decision follows the approval of the Women’s Reservation Bill by the Modi Cabinet just a day ago. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to engage with women Members of Parliament (MPs) in the new Parliament to emphasize the importance of greater female representation.

This development is being hailed as a positive and progressive step, showcasing the government’s commitment to enhancing female participation in policymaking and governance. It signifies a move towards achieving a more equitable gender balance in Indian politics.

In related news, a recent controversy emerged before the commencement of parliamentary proceedings at the new Parliament building. DMK MP Tiruchi Shiva expressed his dissatisfaction during an all-party meeting when he received the schedule for the national flag hoisting ceremony at Gajadwar in Hindi. In response to his objections and those of other opposition leaders, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced that future schedules would be issued in both Hindi and English.

This move ensures that all members of Parliament can understand and participate in important proceedings, regardless of their language preference, promoting inclusivity and effective communication within the legislative process.

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