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Russian President Putin Likes India’s ‘Make in India’ Idea

by NPT-Editorial
Russian President Putin Likes India's 'Make in India' Idea

Something interesting happened! Russian President Vladimir Putin said nice things about India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He especially liked Mr. Modi’s plan called “Make in India.” Mr. Putin was talking at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum in a Russian city called Vladivostok. He praised Mr. Modi for working hard on the “Make in India” plan.

When reporters asked him questions, Mr. Putin said he really likes how Mr. Modi wants to make things in India and make India strong. This development holds notable significance as it underscores the burgeoning camaraderie between Russia and India.

Important individuals from all around the world congregate at the Eastern Economic Forum to discuss money and business-related topics. For Mr. Putin, it was the ideal location to say nice things about India’s plans. The forum happened in Vladivostok, and it helps Russia work together with its neighbors in Asia, including India.

Mr. Putin saying good things about “Make in India” is not just important for India but also for the whole world. “Make in India” started in 2014, and it’s all about making India a place where lots of things are built. This makes India’s economy strong and makes people there happy.

With Mr. Putin saying good things, it means that people in other countries also like the “Make in India” plan. “Make in India” is already making things like cars, electronics, and medicine, and it’s doing well.

Mr. Putin’s nice words also show that Russia and India are great friends. Their enduring friendship, cultivated over a considerable span of time, has been characterized by mutual support and cooperation across diverse domains.

As India keeps getting better at making its own things and becoming important around the world, support from leaders like Mr. Putin is a big deal. . The “Make in India” initiative is succeeding and attracting interest from across the world.
This will make India and Russia even better friends and help them work together more.

Written by Rajat Raj News Article Writer and Social Media Manager

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