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Major Arrest in UP: ATS Apprehends 74 Undocumented Rohingya Refugees!

by NPT-Editorial
Major Arrest in UP


The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) in Uttar Pradesh has launched a massive state-wide campaign, resulting in the apprehension of 74 undocumented Rohingya refugees. In a joint operation with the local police units, the ATS executed a well-coordinated mission that led to the arrest of all 74 Rohingya individuals, who were residing illegally in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. Special Police Director (Law & Order) Prashant Kumar revealed that the ATS acted on credible intelligence, which exposed the presence of these individuals in violation of the law.

“We stand for a safe and secure society, and this operation demonstrates our commitment to upholding the rule of law,” emphasized Director Prashant Kumar. The ATS is dedicated to preserving peace and order, and their efforts have yielded significant results in curbing illegal activities.

The apprehension of these undocumented individuals is part of a larger initiative to address issues related to illegal immigration. The authorities are taking legal action against the arrested individuals under the relevant sections of the Foreigners Act. Medical examinations have also been conducted to ensure proper procedures are followed during the investigation.

It is essential to raise awareness about this pressing issue and support the law enforcement agencies in their continued efforts to maintain the safety and well-being of our communities. We encourage everyone to join the cause, speak out against illegal activities, and work together to build a better future for all. Let’s stand united in supporting those who uphold the law and protect the integrity of our nation.

Stay informed and stay vigilant. Together, we can make a difference!

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