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Mass Defi: Changing The Face of Decentralized Finance

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The methods of how humans transact have evolved so much over the years that from the barter system to today’s decentralised finance or DeFi innovations, we have become capable of entering and accessing the money market without the involvement of any intermediaries.

Today, cryptocurrency is gaining equal importance as FIAT currency in the market. People all around the world have started investing in crypto currency to such an extent that the total crypto market cap has crossed over $2 TN as of April,21. Talking about DeFi (Decentralized Finance), it holds around $42 BN USD as of today. DeFi Mass Adoption will soon become real world’s reality because of its amazing features as listed below:

DeFi: A Quick Look

  • DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a blockchain-based form of finance that doesn’t lean on intermediaries such as banks, brokerages, exchanges to provide financial services.
  • Since DeFi is decentralized and not in anyone’s control, it lets you explore different services based on finance like Smart Contracts on Blockchain, predominantly Ethereum.
  • The net value locked in DeFi sums up to around $42 BN and is growing at a tremendous speed.
  • The DeFi Space allows you to lend or borrow funds, trade assets, loans, stakes, and cover fiat assets as well. 

Mass DeFi: DeFi-ning payments globally

MassDefi is a modern-world ecosystem for crypto and fiat users to earn best in class yields, borrow money and shop at 0% loans through a completely decentralized platform.

The management encompasses brilliant minds to expand your horizon and wealth at the same time. Comprising of a visionary team with great experience in working on NFTs, DeFi, and Fintech with overseas experience of many years. 

Rishabh Gupta, Post MBA from IIT Kanpur and the CEO of Mass DeFi has consulted over more than 300 start-ups based on Blockchain including NFT, DeFi ventures making his work and experience a valuable asset to the company.

Mass DeFi: Building a Robust DeFi space

Even though the market has touched such a height, still it is evident that the mobility of coins is fewer in the last year that leads to zero or negative interests on the holdings.

  • Company’s vision is to take this existing finance system to the next level. Only a few investors, traders can extract advantages out of DeFi. 
  • Their mission is to aid the visitors to pull out the perks of DeFi so that they can make use of financial services up to a larger extent.
  • Mass DeFi commits to eliminate the gap between centralized and decentralized financial solutions and connect billions of users to DeFi. 
  • MassDefi ensures 100% safety and security of user’s data and no discrepancies of any sort.
  • The management provides various services like offering yields on Fiat and crypto holdings, low collateral loans, loans at 0% interest, lending or borrowing cash against crypto holdings, and insurance on collaterals.

Bridging the Gap

The current DeFi system is full of complexities. Thus, it’s quite normal for the audience to drop the plan and explore the DeFi ecosystem.

On the other hand, Mass DeFi’s unique approach is designed to connect the people to a new Decentralized Finance System that  is Bigger, Better and Bolder.

Also, Fiat currencies are slowly losing value as compared to cryptocurrency because of certain problems in the centralised ecosystem. It’s possible that people would want to know more about DeFi.

So to bridge people with DeFi space, Mass DeFi has broken down complexities into simple modules for better and effective understanding.

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