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Meet Iqbal Singh- The face for the young digital seekers

by NPT-Editorial

The digital world is moving rapidly and Digitalization is making an increasing impact on the economy and quality of our lives. Through a single click, we can explore the whole world. Before digitalization took place we all moved with a speed of a turtle. Now, with the advent of the digital era, we all are moving at great lengths with good speed. The person who belongs to this modern era and took notice of its importance is none other than Iqbal Singh. Iqbal Singh is making a big name in the digital space.

Iqbal is an exceptionally well and talented Entrepreneurial personality. Digital marketing is a pendant on technology that is ever-evolving and Iqbal is an acknowledged digital marketer who’s cultivating young and fresh talents for the industry. Under his supreme guidance and mentorship, many budding seekers are encouraged to do big in their lives.

From the very beginning, he recognized his actual interests. He was least interested in conventional professions and more in the digital space. He was out of the conception of a regular 9 to 5 job and wanted to make it big in his life. He is a college dropout who always yearned for more than ordinary in his life. He has acquired extensive ordeal.

With his extreme passion, hard work and experience Iqbal has taken WAF to great heights. Under Iqbal, WAF has obtained considerable achievements in its venture, it has developed into a stable company that has successfully collaborated with Global companies and assisted them to broaden their business internationally. Talking about WAF Entrepreneurs, it improves the business of a company by sharing experiences, business support, mentorship, and lifelong leadership. It enlightens to be a leader and a winner, even when times are hard. Apart from all these life skills, they also boost you to earn a good amount while working from the comfort of your home.

Iqbal Singh initiated his very first business project in 2013. And ever since he has been putting his sweat and blood for surviving and prospering in this ever-changing industry. Talking about his success story it is unique and did not happen overnight. His sheer hard work, capabilities, and commitment are the reasons behind his success which has led him to attain a 7-figure income.

Iqbal sets a perfect example that grades are not important but knowledge is. He was once tagged as a failure but with his current position, he proves the scantiness of our education system. He believes academics don’t measure your success in life, if one follows their innate passion and their interests then they will achieve all the glory.

Iqbal Singh is striding forth with his unceasing potential and sharp temperament on his aisle to set a benchmark for people. He is a blooming digital entrepreneur who is bringing a constructive change in the status quo of this digital era. He is administering as one of the favorable and most commendable digital entrepreneurs who is motivating the young entrepreneurs with a vision.

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