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Top 5 questions you should be asking your coach before by health coach and lifestyle influencer Vinayak veer.

by NPT-Editorial
Vinayak veer

Vinayak veer is a certified strength and conditioning coach and has five major degrees under his belt from the American college of sports and medicine. He specializes in exercise preparedness for special populations (people with chronic diseases, elite populations (performing athletes) and the general populations (cardiac patients). He is also a distinction holder in kinesiology, biomechanics and exercises physiology. According to him, ‘hiring a coach is an exciting process and a great investment in yourself for a healthier life, it should be worth every penny’.

Let’s start with top 5 questions

Qualifications- A coach with symmetrical body is of no use if he can’t help you develop your own personal strength and fitness goals. Remember you need a trainer who is going to focus on you. A trainer with level 3 personal trainer qualifications from a reputed institution will be a good option to start with. It shows that he/she is qualified to train individuals one on one. Please ensure that he has CPR & AED CERTIFICATIONS too, it is a mandatory first aid certificate.

Whats your expertise- Level 3 personal qualification is the first step in the fitness industry. However, it is mandatory to keep updating with different courses depending on his journo every six months or else it will be invalid in long duration and that’s what you need to look at as a client. The Fitness industry is updating almost every day and if your trainer is not updated with different training patterns, variety of diets, and supplementation then he is not motivated, and neither will you be.

How to track my goals- Make sure your personal trainer is tracking your goals, and you ensure making tangible progress. Your trainer should set your goals on what they believe your needs are and create a training regime. If you are a person who likes having all the data, ask your personal trainer if they can share.

Do you have a nutrition background- It is always 100 percent diet and 100 percent exercise, and it is very important to invest in a personal trainer who has a nutritional background. It is good to have a trainer who can structure your eating and exercise pattern together. This means he has realistic goals for you. Generally, level 3 qualified trainers have minimum nutrition background.

What includes in your program- In a beginner-level fitness program, the fitness trainer should cover five components of physical preparedness i.e. improving the ability of the heart and respiratory system to supply oxygen and nutrients (cardio respiratory endurance), the ability of muscle or group of muscles to contract sub-maximally for a prolong period of time (muscular endurance), the ability of muscle or group of muscles contract maximally against a given maximum load (musculoskeletal strength), the ability of the human body to achieve full and complete range of motion (flexibility) and the ideal ratio between body fat and lean body mass (ideal body composition). It’s important to execute these norms in our day-to-day training patterns to get benefits from exercising.

Best of luck in choosing your personal trainer.

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