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Renowned Storyteller Devkinandan Thakur Calls for Examination of Mathura and Agra Mosques

by NPT-Editorial
Renowned Storyteller Devkinandan Thakur Calls for Examination of Mathura and Agra Mosques

Date: August 21, 2023

Kanpur: Devkinandan Thakur, a prominent Kathavachak (narrator of religious stories) known for his discourses on Hindu scriptures, has stirred controversy with his recent statements regarding the mosques in Mathura and Agra. Following his recitation of the Shiv Mahapurana, Thakur engaged with the media, emphasizing the importance of respecting diverse religious sentiments while urging for an investigation into the condition of these mosques.

Thakur’s Statement on Diverse Religious Sentiments

During his discourse, Thakur highlighted the significance of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Lord Shiva in the lives of Hindus, describing them as the essence of their faith. However, he expressed concerns about certain individuals repeatedly attempting to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. Thakur emphasized the need for harmony and mutual respect among different faiths.

Call for Examination of Mathura and Agra Mosques

In a bold move, Thakur called for an impartial inspection of the mosques situated in Mathura and Agra, drawing a parallel to the scrutiny faced by various Hindu temples over time. He stated, “Just as archaeological surveys have been conducted at revered Hindu sites, it is equally important to ensure the proper upkeep and historical preservation of these mosques.”

Thakur’s comments have sparked discussions among religious scholars, community leaders, and the general public. While some appreciate his appeal for interfaith understanding, others raise concerns about the potential politicization of the issue.

Reactions from Various Quarters

Religious Leaders:

Several religious leaders, both Hindu and Muslim, have welcomed Thakur’s emphasis on maintaining harmony and respecting diverse religious beliefs. They believe that open dialogue can foster better understanding between different communities.

Political Response

Politicians across the spectrum have offered mixed reactions. Some see this as an attempt to divert attention from pressing matters, while others appreciate the call for religious inclusivity.

Cultural Heritage Experts

Experts in the field of cultural heritage preservation have supported the idea of assessing the condition of historical religious sites, regardless of their affiliation. They stress the importance of preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Civil Society

Members of civil society have called for unity and understanding among all faiths, urging against any actions that might escalate tensions between communities.

In Conclusion

Devkinandan Thakur’s call for the examination of the mosques in Mathura and Agra has initiated discussions on the delicate balance between religious sentiments and cultural heritage preservation. While some view his statements as a positive step towards interfaith understanding, others remain cautious about the potential implications. As the conversation continues, the need for constructive dialogue and mutual respect remains paramount in maintaining communal harmony.

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