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Why did the Dead bodies come to an end in the Ganga river?

by NPT-Editorial

There is a popular saying in our country that all sins are washed away in Ganga River. But have you ever wondered where all these sins go? Today we will answer your same question, because at this time there is an amber of corpses on the banks of the Ganges river. In many states, corpses have been found flowing in the river Ganges. There has been a lot of debate over whose corpses are these? Are all these corpses corona patients? And if they are, will the water of the Ganges river become poisonous with these dead bodies? These questions are in everyone’s mind.

Today, to give an answer to these questions, we have prepared a ground report from the banks of the Ganges river, which will take you on a journey of the Nirmal Ganga, in which both anxiety and fear are hidden. After seeing this report today, you will understand where the sins washed in the Ganges river go.

Bodies are being buried in ‘drowned’ areas

The total length of the Ganges River is about two and a half thousand kilometers, and its origin is Gangotri in Uttarakhand. If we talk about the states, 11 districts of Uttar Pradesh are adjacent to the Ganges river, and in these districts, there is also plenty of habitat near the Ganges river. Now the challenge is that in these districts of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh), a large number of dead bodies are being pressed into the sand along the Ganges. These corpses are buried in the drowned area. A submerged area means the area that sinks when the river’s water level rises. That is, when the water level of the river rises tomorrow, all these dead bodies will go into the Ganges river. So will the Ganges river not get dirty with these corpses? This is a big question.

40% of the country’s population drinks Ganges water

About 40 percent of the total population of India drinks the water of the river Ganges. If you tell this figure in numbers, then this figure is around 50 crores. However, this water reaches these people in many stages and this water is made drinkable. The important thing is that the World Wide Fund says that the Ganges is one of the most endangered rivers in the world and pollution is increasing every year. That is, the already polluted Ganges River is not ready to take this pile of corpses at all.

Will the sins be washed away by shedding corpses in the Ganges?

The bitter truth is that those who shed dead bodies in the Ganges river thinking that this river will wash away all their sins, they are wrong. Washing the hands of sin in the flowing Ganges will have a very serious effect on its water and it is possible that the quality of its water may deteriorate due to the corpses. This situation can be even more dangerous because the water of the river Ganges is already very polluted. In the year 1985, a film came out, titled Ram Teri Ganga Maili – and the lyrics of this film were the same. It seems that this song was written only for the current circumstances. Today, the condition of the Ganges river in Prayagraj and other districts of Uttar Pradesh is worrisome. That too when the Ganges river is worshiped in our country, it gives us determination and its flowing water gives us energy.

Ganges became the 5th most polluted river in the world

The ancient name of river Ganga was named after King Bhagiratha. According to mythology, 60,000 ancestors of Bhagiratha were consumed due to the curse of sage Kapila, whose liberation required Ganga water. That is why Bhagiratha did severe penance and called Ganga ji sitting on the earth in the kamandal of Lord Brahma in heaven. That is, Ganga is connected with our faith, but what is the situation of Ganga today. Today, the Ganges River is the fifth most polluted river in the world. The level of oxygen in the Ganges river is 25% higher than other rivers. Although it is said that the Ganges water has the special power to fight bacteria and its water never rot. And perhaps by taking advantage of this, many people are shedding the dead bodies in the Ganges river. But they do not know that shedding corpses in the Ganges river will spoil its cleanliness, which is already in crisis.

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