Home Business In a rare interview, Ashutosh Kar talks about building Advince, a multi-disciplinary platform providing various integrated products & services

In a rare interview, Ashutosh Kar talks about building Advince, a multi-disciplinary platform providing various integrated products & services

by NPT-Editorial

In a freewheeling conversation, the first time Ashutosh Kar founder of Advince talks about a range of topics from the maturing Indian startup ecosystem to the Indian economy to his idea of building a one-stop solution for various finance, accounting, taxation, advisory, cloud services, and many more. Ashutosh says Advince is more than just a consulting company, as most seem to assume. “People assume that we are a Consulting & Advisory Firm. No. We are creating a network of high-trust people and eventually, we want to build a unified platform wherein customers can avail all products and services in one place.

Ashutosh Kar is an entrepreneur who is constantly raising the bar of doing business. He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant (USA) with a PhD in Commerce. He has over decade years of experience in various fields relating to Audit, Finance, Accounting, Taxation & Advisory. He says “I realised that at a time when there is an unlimited amount of money coming into the country, you should rather be building and not be investing. For me, the timing of the market was not for being an investor but being a founder.”

Advince, a one-stop platform for all financial, accounting, auditing, taxation, advisory services & cloud services. Advince offers wide range of products which includes Advince Finance Suite, Advince Cyber Cloud Backup, Advince Cyber Protect, Advince Lead Generation Suite, Advince Learning Suite and many more to come in near future. Advince LLP got Certified As “Quality in Business Standards” By International Trade Council (ITC). The registered office is in Odisha, with branches in Hyderabad and Chennai.

At Advince, we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses, goals, and functions. Our primary focus is always on the client. The goal is to be innovative and develop out-of-the-box solutions in order to provide value to our clients. Our strength lies not only in our ability to execute but also in our accessibility and approachability to our clients, as well as in our competitive fee structure, which provides better value to our customers.”

Currently, Advince is offering a one-year free subscription on Accounting Software, Advince Finance Suite for anyone and everyone, considering the present Covid-19 pandemic situation.  To avail the offer drop an email to info@advincellp.com

Collaboration is one of the core values that allow achieving the best results as a team. As a result, Advince feels proud to announce that we have partnered with ZOHO, Acronis, SAP Partneredge, ZNetlive

According to Ashutosh, the game in the Indian startup ecosystem is surely changing. As Ashutosh says founders have better ability to raise capital, build better products, and get better partnerships with merchants and banks. “This will make the game even harder, because the quality of people you need to play this game will be superior now.”

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