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Assam’s Abhishek Dey Creates History With His Music

by NPT-Editorial

Assam-born DJ Abhishek Dey was just 16 when he discovered his passion for mixing music. At an age when most kids are studying for board exams or trying to figure out what to do in life, Abhishek had decided that music was going to be his future. Although his work as a DJ is exemplary, his collaboration with the reputed record label, “Speed Records”, has also created history by garnering 31.3 million listeners for Abhishek’s maiden composition “Sohnea”, sung by Miss Pooja and Milind Gaba.

In Abhishek’s opinion, a DJ is the master of his music, owing to which, he Is able to create magic on the dance floor and make people feel stress-free enough to let their hair down. His focused approach to work and his selective choices in music make him a DJ different from everyone else. He admits that DJing is not everyone’s cup of tea but he also points out that with the right amount of passion, a good music sense and the willingness to work hard, anyone can create his own niche in the world of DJs.

After the stupendous success of his track Sohnea, his other track “Trending Nakhre” is also going to release with another record label, Bamb Beats. In fact, Abhishek is the first Assamese DJ and music producer to be signed on by the renowned record label. After creating a name for himself in the Assam music industry, Abhishek entered a new world outside his home-state to make a new name altogether for himself and his music.

His music is full of harmony and soothing tunes. Many of his followers claim that his music stirs the soul of listeners and can be enjoyed by people belonging to different age groups. Personally, Abhishek swears by the famous Shakespeare quote – “If music is the food of love, play on, give me excess of it!” Right now, Abhishek is reveling in the beauty of music that he creates himself.

As for the future, he is confident that his work will be recognized even further and better, for he wants to work with brands like “T-Series” and also participate in the Belgian electronic music festival, Tomorrowland Show one day.

Till then, he is happy singing to his own tune!

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