Home Social Sector This online platform “Daanpatra” of Indore is changing the lives of millions of needy with old household items

This online platform “Daanpatra” of Indore is changing the lives of millions of needy with old household items

by NPT-Editorial

“Daanpatra” is an online platform launched to help needy families, with the help of which the old items of the house are collected from door to door and made available for use to the needy families to help the needy families. “Daanpatra” is helping both by becoming a bridge between the giver and the taker. Due to this, millions of families dying in absence are not only getting new life, but are also helping to prevent crimes born due to these shortages. Wearing nice clothes, playing with expensive toys, for those who were like a dream, is now being fulfilled with the help of “daanpatra “. Also, the people who are donating goods are able to see through the photos and videos on the social media pages of the daanpatra, how their goods are reaching out to the needy families and helping them.There are many organizations in the city that are working in the field of social service, but the kind of work being done by the “daanpatra” and its associated members is very different and praiseworthy. Due to the busyness of time, people who do not have time, are also coming forward for the betterment of the people by joining this platform, which is why more than 70 thousand townspeople have joined this initiative. And so far millions of needy families have been helped through this platform. Those who are not able to help with the goods, they give their time and are joining this initiative as volunteers. Earlier, people used to throw away the old stuff in the houses, but now instead of throwing it away, people are becoming part of this charitable work by sending it to the needy families through “daanpatra”. The team members tell us that we get all kinds of items in the donation, which includes clothes, toys, books, wheel chairs and other essential items of the house. Once a family was in extreme need of a wheel chair. An elderly person of his family was admitted to the hospital . At that time neither did they have enough money to buy a new wheel chair, nor did they have enough time to arrange an old wheel chair. When the team members came to know about this, they immediately helped them by sending them wheelchairs and other items. Do not know how many families there are who are going through such situations. Through “daanpatra” we are trying to provide relief to such families. with the money, we can help only a few people, but if we all donate items that are not in use in our homes, then a large number of needy families can be helped and this is becoming possible through the “daanpatra” .

In Indore city, the daanpatra team is continuously spreading awareness that anyone who has non-essential items in their house, do not throw it away, contact the daanpatra’s helpline number 6263362660, 7828383066 and reach it free to any needy sitting at home as well as if in your eyes there is such a needy family or children, then give their information to the daanpatra team So that the daanpatra team can help them, any member who wants to join the daanpatra team as volunteer, can join.

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