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DNA Based Lifestyle is the Future of Healthcare, and It’s Here Right Now

by NPT-Editorial

Did you know the healthiest lifestyle is your DNA based lifestyle? Because only your DNA based lifestyle has diet, supplements & exercises that are personalized according to your DNA that carries genetic codes for the lifestyle diseases you may develop, so that you can keep these diseases at bay. Meet Vieroots, the health-tech startup that has brought this future of healthcare to India.

Sachin and Narayan are neighbours in their apartment complex. They are thick friends, but may be because it is opposite poles that attract. Sachin is athletic, while Narayan is lethargic and has to be dragged out like a pug for a morning walk, by his friend. Sachin, who is a few years younger to Narayan, is a vegetarian and teetotaller and takes care of his diet and exercise. His older friend on the other hand, eats whatever comes his way, and also smokes like a chimney.

Career-wise also, they are poles apart. Sachin is a telecom engineer with a global telecom giant, and ever since the pandemic hit, has been working from home in a leisurely manner. Narayan has no such luxury, being a bank employee and has worked throughout the lockdown and the pandemic, bickering always about office stress, and found solace in his few pegs every night which was the only activity perhaps in which Sachin didn’t participate.

A few months back, Sachin enrolled at a sophisticated gym that had opened in the city and started on a vigorous fitness program. But however hard he tried, he couldn’t coax his older friend to enrol there. One was seemingly following a very healthy lifestyle, and the other the unhealthiest lifestyle.

Yet, last week, just after his early morning tea and when he was about to start for the gym, Sachin who is in his early 40s, suffered a cardiac arrest. He was rushed to a reputed cardiac care facility where cardiologists did an immediate angioplasty, inserted three stents and saved his life. But for the rest of his life, he would most probably be dependent on medicines like beta blockers, blood thinners, anti-coagulants etc.

And no one was more visibly shaken by Sachin’s plight than Narayan. But instead of turning to a healthy lifestyle himself, he came to the belief that it is okay to continue with his faulty lifestyle. This is not an imaginary story, but something that played out recently. Just the names have been changed to protect their privacy. In fact, many of you might have come across similar incidents. What is at play here?

Sajeev Nair could provide the perfect response to this riddle. Says the noted wellness evangelist, biohacker & author of the recent bestseller, ‘The Making of a Superhuman’, “Most probably, Sachin had a genetic risk for cardiovascular disease, which got triggered by some lifestyle or environmental factors; whereas his friend may not have a genetic risk for cardiac disease, but may have such risks for some other diseases for which the lifestyle or environmental triggers are yet to be pulled.”

But wait, didn’t Sachin have a healthy lifestyle? “Yes,” continues Sajeev Nair, “Apparently, he did have a healthy lifestyle, but we can’t be too sure because, some people have genetic risks that make vigorous exercising like the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is done in some gyms, highly risky for them. Or there was an environmental trigger like air pollution in his case.”

Can an average human ever hope to know about such genetic risks and navigate them? “Yes, that is what DNA-based lifestyles are all about,” says Sajeev who founded Vieroots Wellness Solutions, a health-tech startup last year, which is the first Indian firm to offer personalized DNA-based lifestyles. Due to the huge innovation, it brought to the market, Vieroots has already attracted Bollywood superstar Suniel Shetty as an equity investor.

Explains Sajeev, “Your DNA is where your genetic or inherited codes reside and it may include susceptibilities for developing hundreds of lifestyle diseases. What our product EPLIMO does is assess these risks encoded in your DNA and suggest you a personalized DNA based lifestyle that includes DNA based diets, DNA based exercises, DNA based supplements etc to keep such diseases at bay. It is the future of healthcare worldwide, and we have pioneered it in India.”

EPLIMO stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications and it includes the genetic test VieGenome for 200 lifestyle diseases, a metabolic assessment, and the DNA-based lifestyle modifications that are delivered through the EPLIMO app for smartphones. (vieroots.com)

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