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Meet husband-wife duo Nupur Goel and Naveen Srivastava, of ‘Young Writers’, who can help you publish your book in just 07 days.

by NPT-Editorial

All of us believe that we have something important to tell the world, but the idea of writing a book and publishing it sounds insane because, let us face it, what are the odds of a new author getting a book contract from a traditional publisher? Several years ago, first-time and new authors would have just given up their dreams but, not anymore.

Do you want to write a book in 2021?

Do you dream of being a best-selling author?

Launched early this year, New Delhi based ‘Young Writers’ was founded by husband-wife duo Nupur Goel and Naveen Srivastava, who tells us that self-publishing is the new normal in the world of books today.

‘Young Writers’ is a self-publishing platform, which lets authors produce their own book in quick time. It enables writers to convert their stories and ideas into books that people can hold, read and connect with and finally provide the authors with the tools and services required to publish and sell books around the world.

Nupur Goel, Co-Founder, ‘Young Writers’ explains, “I believe anyone can write a book. Storytelling and communication are skills that most people already possess. Language skills will only improve if you keep writing and honing your skill. Besides, not everyone is writing literature. Most business books are written today in the simplest of language and in a very conversational tone.”

“We have writers from almost every sector and with works in most genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, academic, and self-help. A lot of our new authors come to us through references from previously published authors,” says Nupur.

According to Naveen Srivastava, “A lot of today’s successful authors have started by self-publishing their books. Some of the mainstream authors of today like Chetan Bhagat, Amish, and Ashwin Sanghi, started out by self-publishing before their books were acquired by traditional publishing houses. JK Rowling also started out by self-publishing her book.”

Over the years we have seen several positive changes in publishing. The emergence of e-commerce such as Amazon and Flipkart, as a major sales channel led to every book getting a fair fighting chance, unlike in bookstores where major publishers and authors used to take up prime real estate. Readers now have an option between a physical book and an eBook.

The rise of social media as a major marketing channel has enabled authors to directly reach out to their readers or build a strong community of readers who are attached to them via Social. Several young authors have become successful and sold thousands of copies of their books in India and outside.

The adoption of print-on-demand allows authors and publishers to work with a zero-inventory model, enabling them to only print a book when an order is received.

‘Young Writers’ offer end-to-end services ranging from filing copyright application, assigning ISBN number for the book, editing, designing, and formatting to listing on online portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

What sets ‘Young Writers’ apart from its competition, according to Naveen Srivastava, is the fact that they charge “much less” than the other publishers. “If other publisher’s starting fee is, say, Rs 30,000, ours would be Rs 4,995. That’s the kind of price difference that we have and that’s the way we are able to reach more new and young authors. We want the authors to not limit themselves in writing their book.” he says.

A number of people reached out to Naveen wanting to know how he managed to start this self-publishing venture ‘Young Writers’ and how it will help them as authors.

Naveen explains “Reaching new authors is a challenge and for this ‘Young Writers’ is now prepping and positioning itself for scale. Our aim is to reach a million authors and grow exponentially in the next few years.”

‘Young Writers’ is a part of the Integrity Media publishing group and is based in New Delhi. You can reach ‘Young Writers’ through their website www.youngwriters.co.in

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