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Sandeep Vashist, among top digital marketer and political consultant in Delhi

by NPT-Editorial

Sandeep Vashist, a digital marketing expert turned Political consultant is one of the names
associated with all the major players, handling their campaigning and digital promotions.
It takes just more than a passion to evolve through experiences and keep pushing to achieve
more. “Sandeep Vashist” a Political strategist and an entrepreneur with a constant ambition
have been the true torch bearer of ‘Rags to Riches.’ His journey has now become the
motivation to many and leads him to have his own dream to become even bigger.
With the growth of the internet and the popularity of social media, the web has become a
new communication tool. Social media has seen tremendous changes in the last few years in
many fields. Experienced players as well as newcomers are fully active on social media
platforms to connect with the masses.
For this purpose, the importance of a person who can run this show has also increased
significantly, a person who can keep their presence on social media in a much better way.
Sandeep Vashist, a pioneer political consultant who runs a digital marketing company in
Delhi, said, “Everyone has seen the power of social media in politics since the early 2010s
and now all those who are in the early stages of their political career should keep their
presence firmly on social media platforms.”

On asking how it all started, Sandeep mentioned that “Even after working hard and seeing
an upward trend in the Digital marketing business, I was still missing on something and
couldn’t find peace in my work. I used social media as a tool to connect with local
authorities and share problems in my video like water scarcity, long electricity cuts, poor un-
serviced roads in my local area, soon issues started addressing and I got popular among
locals. Via social work, I started consulting political candidates to do good work for their
constituency, this will help in winning the hearts and eventually elections.
“Sandeep Vashist Report Card” the YouTube/Facebook channel is gaining lot of popularity in
no time with lakhs of followers and Millions of views to his videos regularly. You may
connect with Sandeep Vashist on his official Website https://www.sandeepvashist.com/.

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